Interesting Links – 9/6/09

, posted by Kevin Jackson

The NIV and TNIV are going away. A new NIV will be out in 2011. Christianity Today has an explanation here. Scot McKnight has a different explanation here. (HT: William Birch).

The blog “Truth is a Man” has an excellent post entitled: Molinism is not Open Theism: A Critique of Dr. McMahon’s Assessment. He refers to a piece written by high Calvinist C.M. McMahon. McMahon also claims that Arminianism is “a deceiving doctrine of demons wrought up from the pit of hell”.

Oldenbarnevelt the ship (Netherlands: 1930-1963). The cruise ship was named after the well known Remonstrant, and also carried troops for the Dutch during WWII. Oldenbarnevelt the person is perhaps best known for being beheaded after the Synod of Dort.

Blogger Churchmouse has an interesting article on the history of Calvinism in the West.

Need a funny Arminian phone message? Check out Bob Passantino’s Supercalvinisticexpialidocious [link now dead]. Link is in the middle of the page (HT: Bob from SEA)