Index of Articles by Robert Hamilton

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Here is a list of articles available on our site that were written by Robert Hamilton. Hamilton has written a number of essays on topics of interest to Arminians. He does an excellent job presenting clear, concise, and compelling arguments for Arminian theology and from an Arminian viewpoint (though we do not necessarily endorse everything he says). His most important essays have been marked with an asterisk.

Thoughts on Original Sin
The Order of Faith and Election in John’s Gospel*
God’s Righteousness Revealed
Three Lies About Sin
Allegiance: What Must I do to be Saved?
Election in Romans Chapter Nine*
Can a Person Accidentally Commit The Unpardonable Sin?
Does Hebrews 6:6 Teach that Apostasy is Without Remedy?
Philosophical Reflections on Free Will*
Thoughts on Imputed Righteousness
Does Arminianism Diminish God’s Glory?
When An Immunization Becomes Fatal (Perseverance)
Faith and Works
Can Arminians be Assured of Their Salvation?
Deliberate Sin Erodes Faith
Grace to be Holy
The Wills of God *
What is Arminianism?
How Good Must You Be?
Why Did Jesus Die?
Can You Do Anything to Gain God’s Acceptance?
Assurance – How Can I Know that I am Saved?
A Linguist Look at King James (KJV only criticism)


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