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The FACTS of Salvation
C: Conditional Election

, posted by Martin Glynn

Conditional Election (the C in FACTS) [Cf. Article 1 of the 5 Articles of the Remonstrance] There are two main views of what the Bible teaches concerning the concept of election unto salvation: that it is…

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Practical Problems With OSAS

, posted by Matthew Murphy

Note: It should be obvious from the content of the post, but the version of OSAS that I am arguing against in this post is what has been termed by some as the ‘Alpha View’….

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The Fifth Article of the Remonstrants – Womack

, posted by Steve Witzki

The following is the fifth article that the Remonstrants wrote against unconditional perseverance and which they presented to the Calvinists at the Synod of Dort (1618-1619). Laurence Womack provides numbers of Scriptures to support each…

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John Goodwin, “Redemption Redeemed”

, posted by SEA

Now available here online, John Goodwin’s Redemption Redeemed may be the best defense of Arminianism ever written. Published in 1651 by the Arminian Puritan John Goodwin (1593-1665), it is written in seventeenth century English with…

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