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Marc Monte on Limited Atonement

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From a sermon delivered at his Church (Faith Baptist Church in Avon, Indiana) from 2004, Pastor Monte points out what he feels are inconsistencies in the Calvinist teaching of Limited Atonement: Update (5/9/18): Please note:…

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Did You Catch the Calvinist Contradiction Alert?

, posted by SEA

Recently, we posted an analysis by one of our members (Robert) of a portion of Justin Taylor’s interview of Calvinist scholar, John Feinberg, about his book Ethics for a Brave New World. In that analysis,…

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The Fallacies of Calvinist Apologetics

, posted by JC_Thibodaux

Related Fallacies:
Begging the Question

“While libertarians uphold the philosophy that “choice without sufficient cause” is what makes one responsible, the compatibilist, on the other hand, looks to Scripture which testifies that it is because our choices have motives and desires that moral responsibility is actually established. Responsibility requires that our acts, of necessity, be intentional….” (Eleven (11) Reasons to Reject Libertarian Free Will, John Hendryx)

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Killing Ants

, posted by Kevin Jackson

[A bit of satire to make a point about the Calvinistic view of election] When I was a kid I used to get a lot of enjoyment from killing ants. I loved to stir up…

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