Report From The SBC’s Calvinism Advisory Committee

, posted by Martin Glynn

We have long been aware of the dramatic tensions regarding the recent Calvinism resurgance as it relates specificly to the Southern Baptist Convention (or the SBC). Last year, the SBC’s annual meeting organized the Calvinism Advisory Committee. This committee is composed of both Calvinsts and non-Calvinists who have been working together to decide how the denomination is going to handle Calvinism in the future.

It was obvious from the beginning that the intent was to neither anathamatize it, nor officialize it within the denomination. Instead, it was seeking how it could exist along side other evangelical perspectives without either side compromising its sense of truth and Biblical authority.

Recently they released this document which they hope will begin to accomplish this task: Truth, Trust, and Testimony in a Time of Tension. We here at SEA have always believed that Calvinists are our brothers, and our prayers are with the SBC as we hope with them that they, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, can make this work.