Justin Taylor, “Dear Arminians”

, posted by SEA

Calvinist leader Justin Taylor has published on his blog a great post that really captures the attitude and approach of the Society of Evangelical Arminians (SEA) regarding Calvinists and Arminians receiving one another as brothers and sisters in Christ and treating one another with love and respect despite our sharp disagreements: Justin Taylor, “Dear Arminians”.

We believe the issue of brotherly love is so important that it has been and remains our policy to not allow any applicant membership into SEA who does not consider Calvinists as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. As a Society, we believe it dishonors our witness as well as our Lord to reject those who believe, “that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh to save sinners and that the saving work of Christ comes to the sinner by way of the grace of God received through faith,”* or to suggest such people are not part of the household of faith. When that happens, it calls into question whether the person touting such division in the Church of God really understands the gospel.

One last thing: Taylor quotes at length from Robert Peterson and Michael Williams, Why I Am Not an Arminian (IVP, 2004) and mentions a hearty recommendation of it from Dane Ortlund. Allow us to draw attention to its respected counterpart: Jerry L. Walls and Joseph R. Dongell, Why I Am Not a Calvinist (IVP, 2004).

* Quotation from Dane Ortlund, cited by Justin Taylor in his post.