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Roy Ingle, Class Election

, posted by AndrewLobb

Class Election I want to address the doctrine of election by offering a view that is often given by many Arminians and even some moderate Calvinist and that is the class election view. This takes…

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Friday Files

, posted by Martin Glynn

This week, we are starting something new that I intend to do from here on out once a week. For those who may not know, this is not intended to be a blog site. The point of this website is to be a repository of Arminian resources, and a resource itself when debating Calvinists. The purpose of the blog is to draw attention to the many Arminian bloggers that are out there, as well as providing a consistant stream of true Arminian thought.

However, since this is not meant to be a blog site, we wanted to point you to some of the articles that we have here, since they are more dear to the hearts of those of us at SEA. So, every Friday, I’m going to be pointing out a particular article that we have on file here for your review. Articles are longer, and are often far more scholarly.

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Roy Ingle, “Preaching Perseverance”

, posted by SEA

Is it wrong to preach on perseverance? This seems like a logical question to ask if you come from a Calvinist perspective. For many Calvinists, it would not be wrong to preach on perseverance and…

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