We are Starting to Post on Our Website Again Starting Monday of This Coming Week!

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Back in February of 2022, we stopped adding material to this website for the most part because of problems we were having with the site. We had to do some major work on the site to get it back in good working order. It has been available for people to access the material already on it all this time, and it worked ok for that purpose, though it could be difficult at times during that period. But we’re all good now. We will probably be improving it further as we move forward. But we are good enough now to start adding material again and to be carrying on with the work of the website in a normal fashion.

While the site does not look much different, we have made a very helpful aspect of the site more visible and accessible — our topical index. Within our topical index, in addition to all the regular topics/categories, there are also sub-indexes, like a Scripture index and an Arminian author/scholar index and a Calvinist author/scholar index. Few seemed to know about the topical index in the past; it often seemed to be missed by users of the site. It used to be hidden, and one would have to click on a button to make it appear. But now, the index is just always listed on the right side of the home page and most pages on the site. One can just use control-F to search on the home page, and that will include the topical index in the search. Of course, one can just look through the index itself by looking and scrolling down the right side of the home page. We do still have a regular search box for the whole site as well. But hopefully having the topical index right there on the home page in plain site will be helpful.

Finally, to make this post more than just about this website, here are a couple interesting historical notes from Christianity Today’s Christian History for today’s date of October 27th: 

October 27, 1553: Michael Servetus is burned at the stake in Geneva for his heretical beliefs regarding the Trinity. (This is relevant to us because John Calvin was significantly involved in Servetus’ death, and that sometimes comes up in Arminian/Calvinist debate.We have a few articles on our site related to Servetus. Here is the likn to the site’s Servetus category: https://evangelicalarminians.org/category/servetus/.)
October 27, 1771: Francis Asbury, sent from England by John Wesley to oversee America’s 600 (or so) Methodists, lands in Philadelphia. During his 45-year ministry in America, he traveled on horseback or in carriage an estimated 300,000 miles, delivering some 16,500 sermons. By his death, there were 200,000 Methodists in America.