Video: “DFK Symposium Prevenient Grace”

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Here is the description from The Francis Asbury Society’s Facebook post:

The Dennis F. Kinlaw Symposium on Prevenient Grace: Dr. Brian Shelton will share about his book “Prevenient Grace God’s Provision for Fallen Humanity”. After lunch there will be a panel discussion with Dr. Shelton, Dr. Suzanne Nicholson, Dr. Chris Bounds, and Dr. Ken Collins.

And after the event:

“Prevenient grace is the divine act of coming to each lost sinner to draw him or her to God, enabling and kindling a desire for something beyond the human condition of sin.” -Dr. Brian Shelton

It was a blessing to gather on Tuesday with all the various facets of the Francis Asbury Society for an in-depth conversation on the topic of prevenient grace. There were students, women, academics, pastors, international and local participants; each one of us a recipient of prevenient grace. With such diversity there could have been division, but we were unified in our need for grace.