John Wesley and Eastern Orthodoxy

, posted by drwayman

John Wesley lived and died an Anglican priest.  Being the founder of Wesleyanism, not only did he incorporate much of Arminius’ thoughts into Wesleyanism, he also incorporated a fair amount of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Note these three articles that help to show this connection:

A Macarian-Wesleyan Theology of Mission by Matt Friedman, Found in Asbury Theological Seminary, 67.1 (2012), 93-111

Click here to download the article:  A Macarian-Wesleyan Theology of Mission

John Wesley and Eastern Orthodoxy:  Influences, Convergences & Differences by Randy L Maddox. Found in The Asbury Theological Journal, 45.2 (1990): 29-53

Click here to download the article:  Wesley and EO

The Path to Perfection in Pseudo-Macarius and John Wesley by John C English, Found in Pacifica, 11 (1998): 54-62

Click here to download the article:  pseudo-macarius