Better Together Podcast: Remembering F. Leroy Forlines

, posted by AndrewH

From the show description:

Following the one year anniversary of his passing, we re-air this podcast with F. Leroy Forlines, long-time professor at Welch College. Bro. Forlines shared the story of the discovery-or rediscovery-of the theology of Reformed Arminianism, a key tenet in the Free Will Baptist movement. The Executive Office recently published “Judgment and Redemption: Confronting & Correcting Sin in the Church’ with writings from Bro. Forlines and the Ministerial Family Life Committee. The booklet is available online at

Bro. Forlines also authored several books, and other books have been written about his teachings:

  • Classical Arminianism:
  • The Quest for Truth:
  • Biblical Ethics:
  • The Promise of Arminian Theology:
  • The Apologetics of F. Leroy Forlines (from the Welch College Press):

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