“Arminianism” defined, by Rev. Richard Watson (1832)

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-Richard Watson-

Here is Rev. Richard Watson’s entry for “Arminianism”, in his book, A Biblical and Theological Dictionary, published in 1832 (it is worth recalling that, according to Dr. Ben Witherington, Rev. Watson himself was given the nickname “The Arminian Antidote” after publication of his systematic theology, Theological Institutes, first released just one year before this Dictionary). Rev. Watson also wrote one of the first reviews of the English Translation of Arminius’ Works, which can be found in Volume 7 of the Works of Richard Watson, beginning at page 474).

Rev. Watson’s summary of the 5-Articles can be found at the end of the entry.

Dictionary, pages 90-93:

The complete dictionary is available online: Project Gutenberg or Archive, or Google Books (1842 ed.), or Archive (1856 ed.)

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