Are There Any Arminian Catechisms?

, posted by SEA

On his website, Arminian Perspectives, Ben Henshaw has a questions page at which he answers questions about Arminianism and Calvinism that visitors to his site pose in the comment section of the page. Here is a question from a man named Charlie, this time answered by SEA for this post:

Question: I am in the process of putting together a Biblical/Arminian catechism for my children and our local church. Are you aware of anything like this which has succinct statements/definitions regarding the true doctrines of grace? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Well, it just so happens that we have a catechism category on our website. Here is a link to it: You might also be interested in our creeds category ( and our confessions category ( There is significant overlap in these categories, but it is not total. So we recommend looing at the entries in each category.