A Remonstration from David Ponter against the Terminology of 4 Point Calvinist/Calvinism

, posted by SEA

We posted an article earlier today by David Ponter, whom we would identify as a 4 point Calvinist. But David contacted us with concerns about that terminology. While we are not ready to abandon the 4 point/5 point Calvinist terminology, we offered to post David’s objection. Here it is:

The whole 4-point Calvinism vs 5-point Calvinism labeling must be abandoned.

TULIP is not Dort. Nor is the so-called, “The Five Points of Calvinism.”

I hold to all the points of Dort, all 5 of them, so that makes me a 5-point Calvinist; if one must insist on playing the numbers game.

But, for example, I reject the L in “TULIP,” so by that standard I am not a 5-point Calvinist.

TULIP is a truncation and a misuse of classic Dortian Calvinism.

When you label me a 4-pointer, you just perpetuate the standard TULIP category of misinformation. You are letting “TULIP” continue to define the historical categories and control the conversation. To perpetuate the use of TULIP and/or the label “The Five Points of Calvinism,” is to continue to disinform people.

If you need to label me, call me a classic-moderate Calvinist, or a Hypothetical Universalist.