Michael Brown: Calvinism Or Arminianism?

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Dr. Michael Brown, a former Calvinist turned Arminian and member of SEA, presents both sides of the debate between Arminianism and Calvinism in 4 sessions. The goal is for his church to better understand the leading points and opposing points of view to prepare them for conversations concerning this issue. It has a tendency to be a divisive topic. But Dr. Brown presents both in such as way as to equally impress and convince.

Dr. Brown’s presentation may be accessed in 4 YouTube videos (though there is no live video) or 4 audio files.

An outline of the sessions may be found below with the appropriate link for each session provided with its description.

You Tube Session 1 of 4 or Audio Part 1 Calvinism broken down into 5 main points known as the TULIP. What does TULIP stand for? T stands for total depravity. A number of scriptures are cited as substantiating the T. Arguments are raised. The T indicates that the person is dead. U stands for unconditional election. Arguments are raised. A number of scriptures are cited as substantiating the U. L stands for Limited atonement, or as some put it “Particular Redemption”. This point primarily contains arguments rather than scriptures. God’s Sovereignty is cited.

You Tube Session 2 of 4 or Audio Part 2:
Part A: Approximately half way through this session, Dr. Brown finishes the Calvinist point of view and switches over to the Arminian point of view. Now we get to the I. The I stands for Irresistible Grace. Arguments are raised. Lazarus is cited as an example. John 6:35-40 is cited. The last point is P. The P stands for Perseverance of the Saints. This is not the same things as “Once saved always saved”. Scriptures are cited to substantiate the P. Arguments are raised. Great Calvinists are quoted.

Part B: Arminianism. What do they say? The Robot analogy is cited. The issue of “Double” predestination is cited. It is argued that Calvinism makes free will an illusion and has God speaking as if free will and responsibility are held together, but then God works to subvert man from performing what He is demanding.

You Tube Session 3 of 4 or Audio Part 3: How often I would have gathered you under my wing? Arminians do not see the scriptures affirming that God selects one person for salvation and another person for eternal torment. Scriptures are cited. The Calvinist usage of “mystery” to defend assertions is noted. What about John 6:44? It should be held in balance with John 12:32. Unconditional election = Unconditional damnation. The character of God being maligned by Calvinism is cited.

You Tube Session 4 of 4 or Audio Part 4: 20% of this session involves finishing the citing of scriptures concerning falling away, the name blotted out of the book of life, and the resisting of the Holy Spirit. In the remainder of this session, Dr. Brown asks the audience which of his points of view were presented in a more convincing manner. The audience indicates which point they felt he was more convincing with. He asks them why they chose the way they

Dr. Brown finishes by presenting the character strengths and vulnerabilities typically found in Calvinists and Arminians, how evangelism is affected, and the major scriptural points of agreement.