Steve Sewell, “The Gospel and the Kingdom”

, posted by Steve Sewell

Is the gospel message we preach a gospel of true substance? Is it entirely Biblical? Does the listener really understand the message? Does it result in genuine conversions? I believe that the gospel message that is commonly preached from the pulpits, taught in books, and shared by individual Christians, is a gospel that is lacking the right context. Let me explain.

The gospel message presented from many pulpits today is so shallow, with such little content, that it makes you wonder if anyone understands enough to really get saved. The heart of the gospel message is the death and resurrection of Christ, and life through Him. It’s the blood He shed for us for the forgiveness of our sins (some don‘t even go this far). There is no argument that this is the central message of the gospel of Christ.

The problem is, that’s all you hear. Furthermore, it’s presented in such a manner that it makes the listener think that what is being offered to them is simply a ticket to Heaven, and all you have to do is say a prayer to get your ticket punched. And then they say, “welcome to the family!” But in reality, I think the listener has heard so little, and understands so little about Christ, that they really don’t know what they’re doing when they “trust Christ.” However, this isn’t really their fault. It’s the fault of the one presenting the message.

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The Gospel and the Kingdom