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The Friday Files compiles links to posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinistic bloggers from around the globe. All links are offered because they are thought to be of potential interest to those who are interested in Arminian/Calvinist issues. Inclusion of links here does not necessarily mean the linked material is Arminian or carries SEA’s approval. Any commentary on highlighted material does not necessarily represent SEA’s viewpoint but belongs solely to the compiler.

  • Dr. Leighton Flowers interviews Calvinist-leaning pastor Paul Cooper regarding some of the more difficult doctrines of Calvinism that are hard to swallow.
  • Kevin Jackson of Wesleyan Arminian posts, “Does Our Choosing of God Take Away from His Glory?” and the most obvious answer should be a resounding no, since, “First, I think God deliberately created a world where people can make choices. This is by his sovereign design,” and, “Second, the very nature of faith precludes boasting about it. Faith is knowing that I’m a sinner, and that my only hope is to trust in Jesus to save me. The minute I start bragging it’s no longer faith.”
  • Andrew, from his site Beyond Calvinism, interacting with an article written by the late Dr. Clark Pinnock, asks, “Does a Corporate View of the Doctrine of Election Lead to a More Missional Worldview?” and answers in the affirmative.
  • Ryan Warnock writes “A Home of Grace,” in which he outlines the Arminian faith within the context of raising children in a godly home.
  • Craig Adams, from his site The Inner Life, which focuses on the writings of Thomas Cogswell Upham, brings us “Interior Annihilation,” in which Upham calls upon the Lord to annihilate within him whatever is wrong; as well as “Extinction of Self-Will,” in which he longs for a sanctified heart that seeks to manifest only the will of God rather than his own will in his daily walk.
  • Solus Arminius blogs “The Despair of Revivalism: The Joy of Holiness,” denoting how revivalism is akin to heroin addiction whereby the revivalist chases one spiritual high after another, always seeking to repeat an initial high; “God vs. God,” challenging the Calvinistic theory that suggests God decrees, renders certain, and brings into reality that which He hates; “Three Self-Refuting Calvinist Suppositions,” including total depravity, an already-blinded perspective, and self-condemnation, all of which undermine and contradict determinism; and finally “Right God, Wrong Attributes,” in which the blogger insists that, though the Calvinist may have the right God, the Calvinist attributes the most heinous attributes to that God.
  • The new Remonstrance podcast is now available: “Arminius on Predestination.”
  • Dr. Dale Wayman of IRONSTRIKES presents “The Facebook Predator,” a warning against meeting and engaging people on-line with whom you are unfamiliar, which led one young girl into being raped; “Predators Use Apps to Get Kids,” appearing as an innocent friend in a chat room, and then luring the minor willingly out of his room at midnight, a young boy was sexually assaulted by an adult male; “Sexting and Dangerous Apps,” an alarming piece informing the public that sexting is the new flirting; and “Dads: Beware of These Apps for Your Kids,” all of which are at the fingertips of any minor on his or her cell phone.
  • The Society of Evangelical Arminians publish Kingswood Hart’s “Romans — Who is Paul Addressing?” an article that keeps the Jewish audience of Paul within its context; Solus Arminius’ “The Arminian Conundrum,” a brief work rebutting the poorly-constructed conundrum of John Owen; Rich Davis’ “Clary’s 10 Concerns,” a response to the notion of coercion regarding the Calvinistic theory of irresistible grace; and Dr. Dale Wayman’s “Wesley’s 22 Questions,” a devotional list of personal questions the early Wesleyans asked themselves daily regarding their walk with Christ.