The Friday Files

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The Friday Files compiles links to posts from Arminian and other non-Calvinistic bloggers from around the globe, and highlights older posts from SEA. Inclusion of a link here does not necessarily mean the linked material is Arminian or carries SEA’s approval.

Dr David Watson brings us, “Back to the Basics: Love, Sin, Salvation, and the #NextMethodism

Dr Ben Witherington shares, “Tyndale Talks on the Sermon on the Mt. and Wesleyan Ethics

Dr Roger Olson writes, “Stranger Things: Does God Still Speak to Us with a ‘Still Small Voice’?

Dr Craig Keener posts a 2-minute video, “God loves atheists”; a 72-second video, “The Spirit as a distinct person”; and writes, “Where was God when tragedy happened?—Exodus 1:22

Seven Minute Seminary publishes a new video, “The Emergence of Classical Pentecostalism

Redemptive Thoughts shares, “Thomas Oden, a Lecture and an Interview

Ironstrikes provides, “Chapter 8:  Christ Inquires About the Dead Man”, from The Collected Works of ‘Uncle Bud’ Robinson

Ministry Sauce posts a video, “Are you feeling malnourished?

Bruxy Cavey writes about how the gospel meets our need for belonging and peace

Seedbed publishes, “5 Marks of Theological Liberalism”; and a devotional on John 18:1-9, “Why Your Gospel May Be Too Small

Helwys Society Forum discuss, “When Free Will Baptists Went Liberal (Part I)” and “Part II

Dr Leighton Flowers (Traditionalist Southern Baptist) shares, “Why Ravi Zacharias Rejects Calvinism

And, from the Society of Evangelical Arminians’ archives, we recommend:

Sin & God’s Sovereignty

Calvinists Interpreting Church History

Do the scriptures explicitly teach what is necessary for salvation? and

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