“Christ’s Gospel Is for Everyone”: A Poem by Bruce Oyen

, posted by SEA

Bruce Oyen, who is not a member of SEA, submitted this poem to our society. He commented, “I wrote the following poem very recently, to underscore the grand simplicity and universal scope of the gospel of Christ.”

“Christ’s Gospel Is For Everyone”
By Bruce Oyen, February 2009
the author’s email address: bk_oyen@hotmail.com

Christ’s Gospel is for everyone.
His Gospel has excluded none.

It matters not how bad you’ve been.
Christ can forgive all your sin.

Salvation is offered, full and free,
to those close by and across the sea.

God is love, and he loves you.
Believe the Gospel, and prove it’s true.

Our sin debt by Christ was paid.
The way of salvation has been made.

Let it be known to one and all:
You’ll be saved, if on Christ you call.

Christ wants none to perish in sin.
Believe in Him and be born again.

Accept Christ now, before it’s too late.
You might die while you wait.