Scot McKnight–Taking It to the Neo-Reformed

, posted by SEA

Distinguished NT scholar and non-Calvinist, Scot McKnight, has been blogging about the most troubling element of the Calvinist resurgence, which he labels “the neo-Reformed”. Here are links to his first and second posts:

But McKnight has created a bit of controversy because he started this critique in a blurb for N.T. Wright’s new book responding to John Piper’s criticisms of Wright’s work. So some have taken McKnight to be classifying Piper and certain other prominent Calvinist scholars in this pejorative category.

You can find a response from Justin Taylor at what is probably the flagship of Reformed blogs at this link: He is strongly critical of McKnight on this, though seemingly because he believes McKnight is practically libeling Piper et al, not because he disagrees that there is a troubling Neo-Reformed movement.

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