John Goodwin, “Redemption Redeemed”

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Now available here online, John Goodwin’s Redemption Redeemed may be the best defense of Arminianism ever written. Published in 1651 by the Arminian Puritan John Goodwin (1593-1665), it is written in seventeenth century English with a Puritan writing style, which can make for challenging reading. But it contains tremendous biblical exegesis. The patient reader will be rewarded with a powerful, classic, comprehensive, biblical defense of five point Reformation Arminian theology.

The book runs 740 pages and is made available here in eight file attachments (The book may also be found in one large file on Google books at this link.). There is a table of contents along with the first part of the body of the book in the first file. Besides the last part of the body of the book, the final file also contains a Scripture index, a subject index, and a table of general rules for interpreting Scripture. The material is arranged like so:

File 1: Preliminary matter through page 78 Redemption Redeemed 1
File 2: Pages 79-173 Redemption Redeemed 2
File 3: Pages 174-268 Redemption Redeemed 3
File 4: Pages 269-363 Redemption Redeemed 4
File 5: Pages 364-458 Redemption Redeemed 5
File 6: Pages 459-553 Redemption Redeemed 6
File 7: Pages 554-648 Redemption Redeemed 7
File 8: Pages 649-740 Redemption Redeemed 8

A revised, shortened edition has been produced, which mildly updates the language and provides excerpts concentrated on defending unlimited atonement from the much larger work made available here: Redemption Redeemed: A Puritan Defense of Unlimited Atonement

The full title of the original complete work available here is extremely long:

ἀπολύτρωσις ἀπολυτρώσεως


Redemption Redeemed

Wherein the Most Glorious Work of the REDEMPTION Of the World by Jesus Christ, is by Expressness of Scripture, clearness of Argument, countenance of the best Authority, as well Ancient as Modern, Vindicated and Asserted in the Just Latitude and Extent of it, according to the Counsel and most Gracious Intentions of God, against the incroachments of later times made upon it, whereby the unsearchable Riches and Glory of the Grace of God therein, have been, and yet are, much obscured, and hid from the eyes of many.

Together with a sober, plain, and through Discussion of the great Questions
relating hereunto, as viz. concerning ELECTION AND REPROBATION,

The Sufficiency, and Efficacy of the Means vouchsafed unto Men by God,
to Repent and Believe; concerning the Perseverance of the Saints, and those who do Believe; concerning the Nature of GOD, his manner of Acting, his Intentions, Purposes, Decrees, &c. the Dependency of all Creatures or second Causes upon Him, as well
in their Operations, as simple Existencies, or Beings, &c.

The Decision of all these Questions founded upon the good Word of God,
interpreted according to the generally received Doctrine, concerning the Nature and Attributes of GOD, the manifest Exigency of the Words, Phrases, coherencies, in the respective passages hereof relating to the said Questions, as also (for the most
part) according to the Judgment and Sence of the best Expositors, as well Modern, as Ancient.

With three Tables annexed for the Readers accommodation.