Jerry L. Walls, “Pharaoh’s Magicians Foiled Again: Reply to Cowan and Welty”

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Please click on the link to view Jerry L. Walls, “Pharaoh’s Magicians Foiled Again: Reply to Cowan and Welty,” Philosophia Christi
Vol. 17, No. 2 (2015) 411-26.

Here is the author’s abstract:

In this paper, I respond to the central points of Steve Cowan and Greg Welty’s response
to my 2011 article in which I argued that theists, especially Christian theists, should
not be compatibilists. I contend that their counterexamples fail to undermine my “provenance
principle” as [well as] my “evil manipulator principle.” Their counterexamples are not convincing cases
of determinism, and thus tacitly rely on libertarian freedom to make moral sense. I also argue
that their appeal to skeptical theism fails to undercut my argument from appalling moral evil.
Finally, I argue that the resources provided by libertarian freedom better makes sense of damnation
than does compatibilism.