Friday Files: Answering Greg Elmquist’s “Four Unanswerable Questions”

, posted by Martin Glynn

Many of us here at SEA have a passion to correct the errors about Arminianism that are being pushed by those that care more about being angry about it than actually knowing what it is. It always surprises me how upset Calvinists are that God made us believe something other than Calvinism.

Anyway, this blog post is a wonderful example of such an issue. A certain Calvinist named Greg Elmquist attempted to disprove Arminianism in one of the silliest displays that we have seen. We are showing you this as the kind of attitude that we come across all the time. If you are an Arminian, and have come across this kind before, understand that you are not alone. If you are a Calvinist, please take this as a lesson that arguing against a caricature of someone’s beliefs only makes that person laugh at you. If you are going to disagree with us, please take the time to learn what we say.

Answering Greg Elmquist’s “Four Unanswerable Questions”