Friday Files, 28 February 2020

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Abercius Day edition of the Friday Files, your weekly visit to SEA’s archives… unless you gave up the internet for Lent, in which case I guess you’re visiting this on Sunday, unless you’re one of those Protestants who isn’t aware you don’t fast on feast days.

Anyway, articles and links frequently reflect SEA’s views, but sometimes don’t, so proceed with your eyes open. Articles are from the last week of February…

Last year! (2019)

Five years ago! (2015)

Ten years ago! (2010)

Today: Links!

Who got the links? Who got the books? We got the links! We got the books! When you’ve read all the articles in our archives you can handle, and wanna explore elsewhere, check out some other sites of Arminian interest. Have fun!