Friday Files, 26 April 2019

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Peter of Rates’s Day edition of the Friday Files, SEA’s weekly glance back at the articles and links we’ve posted previously. Their views frequently reflect those of SEA, but there are exceptions, so please don’t presume. Our members’ names are in blue. Posts from the last week of April…

Last year! (2018)

Brian Abasciano, “Whoever Reads John 3:16 Can Know That ‘Whoever’ Is Really There.” Lately Calvinists have tried to argue πᾶς ὁ πιστεύων means “all the believers” rather than “all who believe.” Grammarians aren’t on their side.

Ben Henshaw’s book review of editor John D. Wagner’s Grace For All: The Arminian Dynamics of Salvation, an updated version of editor Clark H. Pinnock’s Grace Unlimited. It’s a great effort, with solid essays by current Arminian scholars supplementing some of the originals, but lacks a good presentation of corporate election.

Brian Abasciano, “Communication Breakdown over John 3:16: A Reply to Guillaume Bignon and James A. Gibson.” Bignon and Gibson wrote a response to Abasciano’s previous article, so Abasciano replies to some of their claims.

The Remonstrance podcast presents “Young, Restless, Wesleyan” in Episode 37 and Episode 38. A discussion of Wesley’s interactions with Calvinist Puritans as brothers in Christ—and how we can continue to work together for God’s kingdom’s sake.

Five years ago! (2014)

• Ben Witherington III, “Easter and the Resurrection.” [video] Part of Seedbed’s Seven Minute Seminary series, Witherington talks about the significance of Christ Jesus’s resurrection.

• Matt O’Reilly, “Why the Resurrection Matters (Resurrection Is Everything).” Our secularized culture may want to downplay the miracle, but if Jesus wasn’t raised, we Christians have no basis for our faith.

• Steven Costley, “Hermeneutics of 2 Peter 3:9—‘Us All’ or ‘You All’?” James White claims this verse applies only to the elect, so Costley analyzes whether that’s so.

James M. Leonard, “Daily Scripture Commentary: Continuance in Salvation (Eternal Security) and Paul’s Letter to the Galatians.” Paul warned the Galatians they risked falling away from Christ—warnings we shouldn’t casually dismiss.

• Ronnie Rogers, “Diminishing the Creation and the Creator.” The Calvinist insistence on compatibilism posits a weak creator—incapable of the complex, sophisticated creation of free-will beings.

• John Frye’s book review of Austin Fischer’s Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed. As a former Calvinist, four observations from the book particularly resonate with Frye.

• Shane Blackshear, “Austin Fischer-Young, Restless and No Longer Reformed.” A podcast interview with Fischer about his book.

Ten years ago! (2009)

• Robert Hamilton, “God’s Righteousness Revealed.” [PDF] How Paul contrasted the righteousness provided through the Law, with righteousness based on faith in God.

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