Friday Files, 16 November 2018

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It’s the St. Eucherius of Lyon’s Day edition of the Friday Files, our weekly dig through SEA’s archives to find some wheat in the wheat. (Not much chaff!) Occasionally the views expressed in the articles don’t reflect those of SEA, but don’t let that stop you. Our members’ names are in blue.

“Do Arminians really pray like Calvinists?”
Ben Henshaw, 18 August 2014. When we pray for the lost, are we asking God to irresistibly transform people? Or do we even think that way when we make prayer requests?
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“Reproofs (Review of Proof by Doug Sayers, former Calvinist).”
Doug Sayers, 31 July 2014. Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones’s book Proof present a grace-centered understanding of salvation… with too much of an emphasis on irresistible grace.
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“Reviewing Piper’s Does God Desire All to Be Saved?
Adam Harwood, 7 August 2014. John Piper believes God has two wills, in one of them he doesn’t care to save all, and that will (unlike the will to save all which was revealed in scripture) wins.
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“Some of the reasons I was persuaded by classic Reformational Arminianism.”
Don Bryant, 25 August 2014. Going back to the scriptures, Bryant concluded Calvinism, with its limited atonement and God’s two wills, can’t be the only viable interpretation of Christianity.
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“Old debate, new day: Calvinism.”
Daniel Montgomery & Timothy P. Jones vs. Austin Fischer & Brian Zahnd, 27 August 2014.

Proposition 1. A debate on whether unconditional predestination is incongruent with Christ Jesus’s revelation of God.
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Proposition 2. A debate on whether the cause of repentance and saving faith is monergistic or synergistic.
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“Review of the Fischer/Zahnd vs. Montgomery/Jones debate.”
David Martinez, 8 September 2014. They kept it civil, yet as much as Calvinists talk about God’s glory, they can’t help but depict him as arbitrarily hateful.
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“Why Calvinists really believe in unconditional election.”
J. Matthew Pinson, 23 August 2014. It’s not because of human depravity. It’s because Calvinists feel conditional election would undermine God’s sovereignty.
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“Before the mountains were brought forth: A defense of divine timelessness.”
Lydia McGrew, 2014. A theological and biblical case for Boethius’s idea God exists outside of time, even though he interacts within time.
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“Another thoughtful Calvinist turns from Calvinism to Arminianism after thinkng through the issues more carefully.”
Andrew H., posted 5 September 2014. Raised in a Calvinism-influenced home, immersed in neo-Calvinism, Andrew sought and found answers to the discrepancies between their views and God’s character.
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“Tim Keller: Private Calvinist, public Arminian.”
“StriderMTB,” 17 March 2013. Because the unvarnished Calvinist view of salvation, reprobation, and theodicy will immediately offend, Keller won’t publicly state it.
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