Friday Files, 26 October 2018

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It’s the St. Cedd’s Day edition of the Friday Files: Your sneak review of the articles and links SEA had coming for you in the weeks behind. (Yeah, that line doesn’t sound so exciting after I changed all the prepositions and verb tenses. Time, huh?)

The views expressed in these articles are those of their authors, and maybe SEA, though not always. Our members’ names are in blue.

Review of From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective.
David L. Allen, 17 June – 8 July 2014.
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Part 1. 17 June 2014. Introducing the book, which is meant to be a definitive work on definite [what we call “limited”] atonement.

Part 2. 18 June 2014. Its introductory chapter, which defines definite atonement… in kind of an odd way.

Part 3. 20 June 2014. Michael Haykin scrubs the church fathers for evidence they affirmed limited atonement. Has serious methodological problems.

Part 4. 21 June 2014. David S. Hogg looks at medieval thinkers on limited atonement, and is pretty much limited to Gottschalk of Orbais, and out-of-context quotes from Pierre Lombard and Thomas Aquinas.

Part 5. 24 June 2014. Paul Helm tries to read modern Calvinist views into the writings of John Calvin.

Part 6. 25 June 2014. Raymond Blacketer argues it wasn’t Theodore Beza who defined definite atonement for Calvinism.

Part 7. 27 June 2014. Lee Gatiss reviews the Synod of Dort and its Canons.

Part 8. 1 July 2014. Amar Djaballah on Moses Amyraut and the Amyraldian form of four-point Calvinism.

Part 9. 8 July 2014. Carl Trueman on John Owen and his Covenant of Redemption theory—and its problems; namely that it’s not found in the scriptures.

[Yeah there are more parts. But that’ll hold you for this week.]

“Is this the best of all possible worlds? What I would think if I were a Calvinist.”
Roger E. Olson, 17 June 2014. If sovereignty works like most Calvinists claim, this must be the best of all possible worlds. But good luck finding a Calvinist who doesn’t likewise recognize it’s a mess.
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“The fickle security of eternal security.”
Austin Fischer, 23 June 2014. Both those who believe in eternal security, and those who don’t, recognize Christians gotta persevere.
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“Addressing two really bad Calvinist objections.”
Evan Minton, 1 July 2014. Calvinists object if Jesus died for everyone yet not everyone’s saved, his blood is wasted; and God’s a failure at saving. They’re easily refuted.
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“Middle knowledge in scripture.”
God Is My Judge, 2 July 2014. Passages where God definitively knows what might happen.
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“Essential attributes vs. relational attributes.”
Martin Glynn, 7 July 2014. Which of God’s attributes are part of his nature, and which are just relative?
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