Friday Files, 19 October 2018

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It’s the St. Ptolemaeus and St. Lucius Day edition of the Friday Files, where every week we get some articles and links out of the SEA archives, and remind you it’s still good stuff. The views expressed in ’em are those of their authors—not necessarily SEA and its members. Our members’ names are in blue.

Tertullian on the problem of evil and free will.
Mike Barlotta, 22 April 2014. Marcion of Pontus deduced since God is sovereign yet permits evil, God must be evil. [Basically one step further than Calvinists will dare to go.] Tertullian’s counter: God is sovereign yet gave humans free will.
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“Calvin’s ‘temporary faith’ for the reprobate.”
Ron F. Hale, 30 April 2014. No fooling: Calvin taught the reprobate look so much like the elect, even they can’t tell the difference—and it’s because Christ Jesus himself gave them a “fading faith” that “afterwards proves evanescent.”
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“Musings on the parable of the unforgiving servant and its relation to the atonement.”
Kevin Jackson, 11 March 2014. God requires we ask him for forgiveness—and forgive others likewise.
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John Miley’s Systematic Theology, 1892.
Miley’s extensive Arminian systematic theology. It takes a governmental view of the atonement, which some Arminians accept and others reject.
Volume 1:
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“Open theists’ additions to libertarian free will.”
Dan Chapa, 12 June 2014. How “free will” changes meaning when you don’t believe God knows the future.
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“Predestined to eternally suffer? An interview with philosopher Jerry Walls.”
Marc Lotharson, 7 June 2014. On the nature of hell and God, and how Calvinists view these things through the lens of a not-so-good God.
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“The gospel and the kingdom.”
Steve Sewell, 17 March 2014. The arrival of God’s kingdom is the gospel. So why don’t we see this in gospel presentations nowadays, and why’s it important to proclaim the kingdom?
Part 1:
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Interview with Bruxy Cavey.
Shane Blackshear, 17 June 2014. Cavey shares how he became an Anabaptist, and talks about his book The End of Religion.
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“Calvinism and John 6:44.”
Craig L. Adams, 21 May 2014. Whether God compels people to come to Christ—or not.
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“Do Arminians and Calvinists worship the same God?”
Roger E. Olson, 21 May 2014. Yes. But if God were what Calvinists claim he is, he’d be a monster and Olsen wouldn’t care to worship him.
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