Friday Files, 12 October 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Fiacc’s Day edition of the Friday Files, our weekly peek into the rabbit hole of the SEA archives. Any summaries and views expressed belong to their respective authors; not necessarily SEA as a whole. Our member’s name (we’ve just the one this week) is in blue.

From Roger E. Olson’s blog:

Something for Arminius geeks.
4 May 2014. A new book on Niels Hemmingsen which suggests Arminius ditched middle knowledge later in life.
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My response to Al Mohler’s defense of limited atonement.
7 May 2014. Olson insists the gospel necessarily includes that God loves all, and wants all saved—and if Mohler’s gospel can’t say that, Olson doesn’t know that he can preach the gospel alongside him.
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Interview with Roger E. Olson.
Shane Blackshear, 10 December 2012. Olson joins Blackshear for a discussion theology nerds will appreciate.
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“My review of Kevin’s review.”
Austin Fischer, 16 May 2014. On Kevin DeYoung’s review of Young, Restless and No Longer Reformed: Fischer has some responses to DeYoung’s comments.
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“Heading towards the cross: The offense of substitutionary atonement.”
Mike Lowry, 26 March 2014. The idea of substitutionary atonement still offends many. But we can’t just ignore how the scriptures describe the atonement.
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“A case for conditional security, and why it’s not a works salvation.”
Steve Sewell, 11 March 2014. We don’t forfeit our salvation because we fail to do good works. But can a Christian with no good works be realistically said to have faith, much less salvation?
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“What is prevenient grace?”
Chuck Gutenson, 5 March 2013. On John Wesley’s understanding of prevenient grace and its place in the order of salvation.
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“The troubling trends in America’s ‘Calvinist revival.’”
Jonathan Merritt, 20 May 2014. Some of the problematic markers in the neo-Calvinist movement include intellectual isolationism, tribalism, and knowledge puffing them up.
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“How not to fight Calvinists.”
Fred Sanders, 14 May 2014. Namely, preaching the idea “the God of Calvinism” is any other god than the Father of Christ Jesus.
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“Dear John (An open letter to John Calvin).”
Zack Hunt, 13 May 2014. In case Calvinists were misrepresenting Calvin, Hunt went through the Institutes… and found Calvin even more appalling than his followers.
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