Friday Files, 13 Apr 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Hermenegild edition of the Friday Files, SEA’s weekly stack of articles from the SEA archives. Or as the case this week, a lot of videos.

The views expressed therein aren’t necessarily those of SEA. As for K.W. Leslie’s summaries, nobody endorses those.

“Divine aseity, divine freedom: A conceptual problem for Edwardsian Calvinism.”
James Beilby, Dec 2004
Calvinists, particularly Jonathan Edwards, claim God created the universe to show off his glory, independence, and self-sufficiency. Is that really how the scriptures describe his motives? Read PDF →

“Is faith a gift from God or a human exercise?”
René A. López, Jul-Sep 2007
The problems inherent in the idea that faith’s a gift. (Not to mention the problems with believing it’s an irresistible gift.) Read PDF →

“Is God good?”
Zangomatic, 11 Jun 2010
A kinetic-type introduction to theodicy and free will. View Video →

“What’s wrong with Calvinism, 1: Understanding Calvinism.”
Jerry Walls, 13 Aug 2012
An explanation of what Calvinism is—before examining its flaws. View Video →

“What’s wrong with Calvinism, 2: The heart of the matter.”
Jerry Walls, 16 Aug 2012
The deepest difference between Calvinism and Arminianism: The Calvinist belief God doesn’t love everybody. View Video →

“What’s wrong with Calvinism, 3: Why it matters.”
Jerry Walls, 25 Aug 2012
How Calvinist beliefs are going to be at best inconsistent, at worst have a significantly negative effect, on the way we relate to God. View Video →

“What’s wrong with Calvinism, 4: Calvinism and the bible—the essential background to understand Romans 9.”
Jerry Walls, Paul Sloan, 9 Sep 2012
The historical background necessary for a proper interpretation of Romans 9. View Video →

“What’s wrong with Calvinism, 5: A theological and contextual reading of Romans 9.”
Jerry Walls, Paul Sloan, 9 Sep 2012
More on Romans 9, and how Calvinists reinterpret it to suit their beliefs, rather than its context of ancient Israel’s corporate election. View Video →

“What’s wrong with Calvinism, 6: Other key New Testament texts on election and predestination.”
Jerry Walls, Paul Sloan, 24 Oct 2012
What Ephesians 1, Romans 8, and John 6 actually say about election and predestination. View Video →

Against Calvinism: Forward, preface, and first chapter.
Roger E. Olsen, Michael Horton, 2011
Horton’s preface, and Olsen’s introductory statements, about Calvinism and Arminianism. Read PDF →

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