Friday Files, 24 Nov 17

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the Black Friday edition of The Friday Files, our weekly stack of links: We highlight older SEA posts of interest, and post some of the latest from Arminian and non-Calvinist blogs. Names in green indicate SEA members.

Inclusion isn’t necessarily approval or endorsement. (Some articles aren’t even Arminian!) We offer these links because they’re thought to be of potential interest to those interested in Arminian/Calvinist issues. Blame K.W. Leslie for the brief summaries.

From the SEA archives:

Brian Abasciano: “Paul’s use of the Old Testament in Romans 9:1-9: An intertextual and theological exegesis” [29 Mar 12, PDF] His doctoral dissertation on the subject.

Greg Boyd (Open Theist), ReKnew: “Did God send a tornado to warn the ELCA?” [21 Aug 09] How did John Piper deduce, as he thinks he has, God’s purpose and motive behind a natural disaster?

Richard Coords: “Arminianism overthrows biblical inerrancy?” [4 Apr 12] What, free will means the authors of scripture couldn’t submit to the Holy Spirit?

God Is My Judge:

“Bavinck on the unknowability of God’s decrees.” [10 Apr 12] Unlike typical theologians, Herman Bavinck is pretty sure not only can we not understand God’s mind, but even what he’s revealing to us.

“Church fathers on foreknowledge and freewill.” [11 Apr 12] The ancient Christians on what God knows in advance, and how that bears upon our decisions.

Ben Henshaw, Arminian Perspectives:

“Calvinist prayer (and many other things) explained.” [24 Feb 12] If we don’t actually have free will, “be a faithful character in God’s story” is meaningless advice.

“John Piper on God ordaining all sin and evil part 1: An Arminian response to Piper’s first ‘Question’ ” [13 Mar 12] In order to defend the Calvinist view of God’s sovereignty, Piper keeps adopting the Arminian view of God’s self-limitation.

Roger E. Olson, My Evangelical Arminian Theological Musings:

“Further thoughts about catastrophes and God.” [10 Mar 12] If tornadoes are “God’s fingers,” why be upset when he sends them?—if they really are wholly meant for his glory.

“John Piper and pietism.” [1 Apr 12] A Calvinist can certainly have a pietistic ethos, but the Pietism movement isn’t compatible with someone who insists is favorite atonement theory is an essential Christian belief.

David Pawson: “Why does God allow natural disasters?” [16 Mar 12, VIDEO] A three-part series on theodicy, taking apart three unsatisfactory answers.


Tim Challies (Calvinist): “Hyper-Calvinism: A brief definition.” [28 Jun 17] Basically, anyone willing to take John Calvin’s teachings to their logical conclusions. Or at least any farther than Challies will go.

Shawn Lazar (Calvinist), Grace Evangelical Society: “Arminians and works salvation.” [21 Nov 17] If Arminians believe apostasy has to do with good works [we don’t], we must therefore deny salvation by faith alone. Um… salvation’s by GRACE alone; justification’s by faith; and when people continually confound their solas, maybe we oughta question their readiness to field Q&As.

Theology and history:

Gowdy Cannon, Rambling Ever On: “Five theological sounding words Christians should know and use.” [17 Nov 17] Despite reducing our use of Christianese, there are certain terms we ought not be rid of altogether.

Evan Minton, Cerebral Faith: “A quick case for Jesus’ divine self-understanding.” [18 Nov 17] Does Jesus claim to be God? Skeptics might say no, but the scriptures indicate he does.

Steve Sewell, The Arminian Files: “Christ died for the church (corporate election).” [18 Nov 17] Jesus is the savior of the world, but elected the church to be his particular people.

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