Friday Files, 17 Nov 17

, posted by K.W. Leslie

Once again it’s time for The Friday Files, our weekly stack of links. We highlight older SEA posts of interest, and post some of the latest from Arminian and non-Calvinist blogs. Names in green indicate SEA members.

Inclusion isn’t necessarily approval or endorsement. (Some articles aren’t even Arminian!) We offer these links because they’re thought to be of potential interest to those interested in Arminian/Calvinist issues. Blame K.W. Leslie for the brief summaries.

From the SEA archives:

Lindsay Bodkin, Seedbed: “Are natural disasters the will of God?” [8 Mar 12] The Asbury Seminary faculty on theodicy.

Martin Glynn, The JC Freak: “Calvinist rhetoric: Straw man.” [30 Jan 12] Because it’s way easier to defeat an artificial opponent.

Ben Henshaw, Arminian Perspectives:

“Provisional atonement part 1: Dealing with John Owen’s Arminian dilemma.” [15 Jan 08] Jesus died for all, but Owen struggled with the idea of how this atonement could be anything but compulsory.

“1 Corinthians 15 and the claims of Calvinism.” [23 Jan 08] Christ died for the Corinthians’ sins. And by extension, everyone’s.

Roger E. Olson, My Evangelical Arminian Theological Musings:

“Strong meat, not milk: Are some things impossible to believe?” [22 Jan 12] How Charles Hodge defined things one cannot believe.

“Who is (or might be) an Arminian?” [18 Feb 12] What must people believe for Olson to identify them as Arminian?

“My response to John Piper’s recent statements about God and tornadoes.” [8 Mar 12] Calvinist theodicy is nothing new. But this time Piper stated the tornadoes were God’s judgment. How does he know?

John F. Parkinson: “On Romans 9.” [13 Feb 12] Jacob and Esau are used to demonstrate God saves by grace, not birthright.

J.C. Thibodeaux, Arminian Perspectives: “Where Calvinism gets Romans 9 wrong: ‘Not of works’ means ‘No conditions.’ ” [16 Feb 12] Paul wasn’t contrasting individuals, but those who have faith, and those who don’t.

Xenos Christian Fellowship: “Soteriology: Calvinism & Arminianism.” [PDF] From Xenos’ “Christian Principles” classes: A simple overview of the two positions.

Biblical exposition:

Michael L. Brown, Ask Dr. Brown: “Who are the 144,000 in the book of Revelation?” [16 Nov 17, VIDEO] Brown figures it represents when the nation of Israel turns to the Lord. [Rv 7.1-10]

Bud Robinson, IronStrikes: “This great salvation.” [11 Nov 17] So why IS salvation so great? [Hb 2.3]


The Babylon Bee (Calvinist, satire): “Man encounters morning traffic, immediately loses salvation.” [14 Nov 17] ’Cause ha-ha, some Christians figure they’re saved by good deeds!

Steve Hays (Calvinist), Triablogue: “SEA jumps on the gun-control wagon.” [10 Nov 17] Hays reads the Friday Files! Pity he doesn’t read the disclaimers about how inclusion isn’t endorsement.

Eric Kemp (Traditionalist), Soteriology 101: “Regressive Calvinism.” [13 Nov 17] In a recent debate on free will, the Calvinist side demonstrated condescension and outrage, not love and thoughtfulness.

Lifestyle and sanctification:

K.W. Leslie, Christ Almighty!: “Some people don’t wanna argue. And they’re right not to.” [14 Nov 17] Argumentativeness is a work of the flesh, and for a hostile audience, Jesus’s only instruction is to shake the dust off our feet.

Stacy J. Ross, Ramblings from Real Man’s Land: “Serving Jesus.” [13 Nov 17] No believer in Jesus is exempt from finding ways to serve Jesus.

Karl Vaters, Pivot: “Sorry Christians, we can’t blame the media any more.” [16 Nov 17] Because our social media behavior demonstrates we can become the media—and behave just as badly.

Theology and history:

Alisa Childers, Alisa Childers: “What is Molinism? With Tim Stratton (Part 2).” [13 Nov 17] Childers and Stratton discuss predestination and free will.

K.W. Leslie, Christ Almighty!: “Changing God’s mind.” [15 Nov 17] According to Calvinists, God’s mind is set in stone. According to the scriptures, God’s okay with his kids trying to engage him.

Seth Miller, Ask an Arminian: “Atonement for all.” [14 Nov 17, VIDEO] Why should provisional atonement be preferred over particular atonement?

Evan Minton, Cerebral Faith: “Why can’t God just forgive us?” [16 Nov 17] Pagans are gonna ask why Jesus’s sacrificial death was even necessary—why God can’t just declare us forgiven by fiat.

Lastly: Feedreaders!

The best way to keep up with a regularly-updating website (or even an irregularly-updating one) is with a feedreader or news aggregator: Software or a website which informs you when a new article is online, and sometimes collects ’em for you to read at your convenience. Some web browsers have them built-in. Popular feedreaders include Digg Reader, Feeder, Feedreader, Feedly, G2Reader, Inoreader, NewsBlur, and The Old Reader.

Next: Find your favorite blog or website’s RSS or Atom feed. (Most of them have one, and have a link to it on their page.) Put it in your feedreader. Voila: Your very own links list.

Too much work? Fine; tune in next Friday.