Church History Course

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The following course is a basic overview of Church History from an Arminian perspective, taught by Will Riddle of Kingdom Change ministries, and longtime member of SEA.

The course does not focus primarily on Arminian or theological concerns, but tells history from an Arminian perspective and is intended for a lay audience. Those wishing to understand Arminian historiography may wish to listen to the second lecture in particular.

The focus is on the advance of the church through the centuries. In addition to being Arminian in its orientation, the course also operates within an optimistic amillennial framework, as well as being Spirit-filled in its orientation. The speaker does not assume these are the only positions which can be held by an Arminian but considers them logical outgrowths of Arminian presuppositions. The course also gives equal treatment to all centuries of church history, which means recent history is not covered in detail. Questions or correspondence may be directed to