Remonstrance Minisode 26: Arminius on Regeneration

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If you cannot see the player above follow this link: Remonstrance Minisode 26 This minisode launches a three podcast series where we will examine the doctrine of regeneration in the thought of Jacob Arminius and…

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John Wesley On Regeneration

, posted by g1antfan

  John Wesley was someone who focused on the practical matters of living out the Christian life. But he did not ignore the essential doctrines of the faith. In sermon #45, entitled “The New Birth”,…

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Rich Davis, “Clary’s 10 Concerns”

, posted by SEA

In my “The ‘C’ in Calvinism?” (reproduced here), I set out three difficulties for Calvinistic choice. In his “Calvinism and Choice,” historical theologian Ian Clary lists ten points at which my thinking is in need…

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Causal vs Social Centered Part VI: Security

, posted by Martin Glynn

So what is the debate about security really about? Well, there are two realms within which this debate takes place: pastoral and theological. So instead of looking at the two positions in succession, we’ll be…

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Steve Sewell, “Why the Draw to Calvinism?”

, posted by Steve Sewell

I find it strange for a Christian to be drawn to Calvinism — an anomaly, really. I don’t believe that Calvinistic theology is in harmony with who we are as followers of Christ. Christians are…

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Calvin on Faith Preceding Regeneration

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Arminius, in his Dissertation on Romans 7, insists that faith in Christ precedes regeneration: “Besides, even true and living faith in Christ precedes regeneration strictly taken, and consisting of the mortification or death of the…

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