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The Good News of Hell

, posted by drwayman

Is there a hell? The concepts of heaven and hell are as intimately connected as those of good and evil. When we are free to do good, we are also free to do evil; when…

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Molinists and Ockhamists on the Loose

, posted by Godismyjudge

[Editor’s note: This post comes from a Molinist perspective. SEA does not specifically advocate Molinism, but allows members to hold to either divine simple foreknowledge or Molinism.] This post is a response to Mark Linville’s…

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God, Pharaoh, and God’s Sovereignty in Romans 9

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In Udo Middelmann’s The Innocence of God, he grants us biblical evidence advocating the truth that God is innocent of the tragedies and evil experienced by and among fallen human beings. God has neither decreed…

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