Calvinist Scholar Finds: “The Remonstrants Clearly Were Not Pelagians”

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    “The Remonstrants clearly were not Pelagians.”

You would think that such a statement comes from the lips or pen of an Arminian scholar or pastor, but it originally came from Reformed Baptist scholar Mark A. Ellis, who had even pastored a Reformed Baptist church. This quote appears in Ellis’ introduction to his landmark scholarly translation of The Arminian Confession of 1621 (Mark A. Ellis [trans. and ed.], The Arminian Confession of 1621 [Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2005]). We are excited to be able to make this introduction available.* Click on this link to read the story behind this historically significant document.


*The Society of Evangelical Arminians would like to thank Mark Ellis for providing the introduction to his translation and Wipf and Stock Publishers for giving us special permission to post it at SEA.