Calvinist Justice

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Calvinist Justice

Some time ago a Calvinist made a parody of the song “Amazing Grace,” called “Arminian grace,” where the Calvinist confuses Arminianism with Pelagianism. It can be found here.

Here is an attempt to parody the Calvinist view of justice using the same song. I believe that this does more justice to the Calvinist positition than the above does to the Arminian position. If it seems at all dark, its because it’s a reflection of Calvinism. It is written in the eyes of the “reprobate”.

Calvinist “justice!” How dark the sound,
Condemned not because of me.
God made me lost and would not find,
Made blind, but won’t help me see.

What “justice” is this from secret decrees,
Made from this God within?
Created unable to hear God’s voice,
Condemned before I sinned.

Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have gone through alone.
God tempted me more than I could bear,
To justify my place in my home.

When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
Because of what God’s done.
We’ve no less days to scream in pain,
Than when we first begun.

Daniel Nebauer