Book Recommendation: Discovering Christian Holiness

, posted by drwayman

This book, written from the Wesleyan-Holiness perspective by Dr. LeClerc will give you not only a bit of a historical perspective of the Wesleyan-Holiness but also a good understanding of this holiness movement.

Divided into four areas: 1) Biblical Holiness, 2) Holiness History, 3) Holiness Theology for Today, and 4) Holy Living for a New Century, LeClerc addresses such topics as: the holiness of God, Created & Fallen Humanity, Holiness as purity, perfection, power and character and Holiness as love.

LeClerc, D (2010). Discovering Christian Holiness: The Heart of Wesleyan-Holiness Theology. Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press. ISBN: 978-0-8341-2469-1

About the author: Diane LeClerc is a professor of historical theology at Northwest Nazarene University. She received her PhD from Drew University. She is a former pastor and the a past-president of the Wesleyan Theological Society.