I. Howard Marshall, “The Theology of the Atonement”

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Please click on the attachment below to view Marshall, I. Howard. “The Theology of the Atonement.” This paper was given at a joint Evangelical Alliance/London School of Theology Symposium on the Atonement held at the London School of Theology from 6-8 July 2005. It does not focus on the extent of the atonement (though there is a helpful affirmation of unlimited atonement in a substantial footnote, # 68), but on giving a powerful argument for the penal substitution view of the atonement by an advocate of unlimited atonement. This is significant in the context of the Arminian/Calvinist debate because some have argued that unlimited atonement is inconsistent with penal substitution, despite the fact that Arminius and most Arminians have held to penal substitution as at least part of the meaning of the atonement.

The article may be accessed here: Marshall. The Theology of the Atonement

[The article was taken from http://www.eauk.org/theology/key_papers/Atonement/upload/ihowardmarshall.pdf”]