Friday Files, 24 August 2018

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It’s the St. Bartholemew Day edition of the Friday Files, in which we give you a little peek at older posts hosted on SEA’s site. The views they express are not necessarily, but often, those of SEA. Our members’ names are in blue, and K.W. Leslie usually summarizes them appropriately.

“How Romans 11 refutes Calvinism..”
Günther Juncker, posted 2 February 2014
Calvinists use Romans 11 to describe the reprobate, but that’s not at all what Paul taught in the passage. It’s about people whom, though not chosen, God still wants to save.
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“How can a dead person believe unless God makes him alive?”
Kevin Jackson, 27 December 2013
Arminians and Calvinists describe “spiritually dead” far differently. We mean hardened against God; they mean inert and dead-dead.
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Roger E. Olson’s articles.
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Young. Restless. No Longer Reformed (a really good new book).”
[1/16/14] Austin Fischer’s memoir of his experiences within the YRR movement is sympathetic, but ultimately explains why it’s the wrong road to travel.

“Excerpt from Austin Fischer’s excellent book Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed (Wipf & Stock).”
[2/9/14] Our opinions about God don’t change God any, but they have a profound effect on us and how Christlike we are. Or aren’t.

“Do Arminians believe in a works based doctrine?”
Evan Minton, 7 February 2014
No; we’re saved by God’s grace. But because this grace is resistible, Calvinists blow our ability to resist it out of proportion, and claim our free will becomes salvific.
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“The security of the believer.”
Assemblies of God position paper, adopted 21 August 1978
The scriptures recognize the possibility of apostasy. But they never cease to offer hope to the repentant.
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“A brief note on the Assemblies of God position paper.”
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“Arminius on the use of the moral law.”
Jakob Hermanszoon, posted 11 February 2014
The Law convicts us of sin, makes us recognize our need for God’s grace, and shows a saved people how God would have us live.
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“Playing with dolls.”
Martin Glynn, 12 March 2012
If we didn’t have free will, God’s love for us would be pretty much the same as a child playing with dolls.
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“Why does John Piper misrepresent evangelical Arminianism?”
Michael Rundle, 18 December 2013
On Piper’s frequent and regular mischaracterization of Arminianism as “man-centered.”
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Whedon’s Commentary on the Bible.
Daniel D. Whedon, 1860-86
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“Does God lament?”
Martin Glynn, 19 Febuary 2014
In trying too hard to make God sound almighty, a Calvinist dismisses the fact God has throughout scripture lamented at people’s poor choices.
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