Friday Files, 22 June 2018

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It’s the St. Nicetas of Remesiana Day edition of the Friday Files, your weekly reminder that there’s such a thing as a Friday Files: “Oh! Links to SEA posts from years ago. That’s kinda nice. Some day I should read some of them.” Well, seize the day, why don’t you?

Usually we have the disclaimer, “The views expressed aren’t necessarily those of SEA and its members.” But y’know, sometimes the views expressed are totally those of SEA and its members. Use your common sense to figure out which is which (assuming you have any; certain critics don’t), and whether K.W. Leslie’s summaries also meet that criteria. Our members’ names are highlighted in blue.

Church history course.
Will Riddle, posted 28 August 2013
A church history course from an Arminian perspective, taught by longtime SEA member Will Riddle. Those who want to zoom in on Arminian issues might want to particularly listen to the second lecture.
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“Practical problems with OSAS.”
Matthew Murphy, 29 August 2013
Unconditional eternal security, though a comforting idea to Calvinists, is fraught with problems. Namely, it eliminates any necessity for a Christian to bear good fruit.
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“The problem of natural evil.”
Ryan Ragozine, 14 January 2013
Human evil is one thing, but what about when nature does terrible things to humanity? Is God willing and able to prevent it, or not?
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“A book both Arminians and Calvinists recommend you read.”
Justin Taylor, 29 August 2013
Some quotes in support of Fred Sanders’s book, Wesley on the Christian Life: A Heart Renewed in Love.
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“4 questions 4 Calvinists.”
D.V. Wayman, 3 September 2013
If Calvinism were true, what about these serious logical inconsistencies? Try ’em on your favorite Calvinist. [But don’t be surprised when they start mumbling something about “mysteries,” or change the subject to “Who are you to question God?”]
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“Approaches to the warning passages in Hebrews.”
Brian Abasciano, posted 6 September 2013
Is apostasy possible? Hebrews makes it sound that way, but Christians have found various ways to spin that book to suit their doctrines.
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“Is the atonement sufficient for all?.”
Roy Ingle, posted 10 September 2013
Yes. But Calvinists claim the Arminian view is that Christ only provided the potential for salvation, whereas their view is that Christ provided sufficient salvation—but only for some.
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“Classic Arminianism and open theism: A substantial difference in their theologies of providence.”
John Mark Hicks, 2012
Arminians and open theists agree about libertarian free will, but we surely do disagree about God’s will and intent.
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“Is the saving grace of God resistible?”
Andrew Loke, 2013
The synod of Dort upheld irresistible grace, but Luis de
Molina’s idea of “middle knowledge”—God knows what would happen in every possible scenario—matches the scriptures far better.

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“Think inside the box, part 3: (Un)limited atonement.”
Waldemar Kowalski, 24 May 2011
A message on atonement, shared at New Life Church, Renton, Washington.
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