Uncle Buddy: The Bible Has Never Lied

, posted by drwayman

The Bible is the only Book I ever heard tell of that tells the truth on everybody who ever lived or who ever is living, or who ever will live. The Bible has never lied on any of them. It is the only Book which is hated and cursed by every atheist and agnostic and by every skeptic and infidel who have ever lived on this planet. One infidel said that the reason he fought the Bible was that it fought him, and that the reason he did not let the Book alone was that it did not leave him alone. There is not one case on record where a dying atheist or a dying agnostic or a dying skeptic or a dying infidel did not have to acknowledge that the Bible is true and that it is inspired by God. God’s plan for fallen man is, a Holy Bible for a whole world and a salvation from all sin for all men, provided through the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the creed of all churches when it is boiled down and skimmed and the skimmings are analyzed.

In the June 24, 1931, issue of the Pentecostal Herald, there is a statement from Reverend John Wesley that is worth repeating and then remembering. In my reading I have not seen anything that covers so much territory in so few words. Here is the statement: “I beg leave to give a short, clear, strong argument for the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. The Bible must be the invention of good men or angels, of bad men or devils, or of God. First, it could not be the invention of good men or angels, for they neither would nor could write a book and tell lies all the time they were writing it, saying, ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ when it was their own invention. Second, it could not be the invention of bad men or devils, for they could not make a book, which commands all duty, forbids all sin and condemns their own souls to hell for all eternity. Third, therefore, I draw the conclusion that the Bible must be given by divine inspiration.”

Robinson, Reuben A. (Bud). The Collected Works of ‘Uncle Bud’ Robinson. Jawbone Digital. Kindle Edition.

“Uncle Buddy” Robinson was a popular evangelist in the early Church of the Nazarene. He claimed to have preached 32,176 sermons and won 200,000 converts. His preaching style was known for it’s simplicity, yet is full of profound truths.