Remonstrance Minisode 8: Arminius on Imputation

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If you can’t see the player above just follow this link to listen to this episode: Remonstrance Minisode 8

In this minisode we will be looking at Arminius on the Doctrine of Imputation within his larger doctrine of Justification. You may be surprised to find out how close Arminius was to Calvin on this! And we are not making this up…this is all what Arminius wrote himself! To explore this topic we will be looking at “The Declaration of Sentiments” by Arminius as well as his “Public Disputation 19: On the Justification of Man Before God.”

We will be releasing an episode in the next couple of weeks focusing on what Wesley had to say about the Doctrine of Imputation. Then a full Remonstrance episode will be released in July for a full treatment of this doctrine and how Wesley and Arminius were able to simultaneously hold to the Doctrine of Imputation while avoiding Antinomian conclusions. Please subscribe!