Friday Files, 3 January 2020

, posted by K.W. Leslie

Happy tenth day of Christmas! It’s the St. Daniel of Padua’s Day edition of the Friday Files. It may be a new year (and new decade, for that matter) but we’re still gonna look back at previous years on Fridays, and see what SEA hath wrought.

Articles and links are felt to be of interest to SEA and our members. Their views aren’t always those of SEA; regardless of who wrote ’em, read with discernment. SEA members’ names are in blue. Articles are from the first weeks of January…

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Ten years ago! (2010)

Today: Links!

The Friday Files just offers a glimpse into our archive, and of course you can dig deeper into it and see what else is in there.

And you can visit our page of links and books. It’s plenty of stuff to read, and’ll keep you well occupied till next Friday.