Friday Files, 6 September 2019

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s St. Onesiphorus’s Day (he’s in the New Testament), and it’s the Friday Files. Once again, I summarize what SEA has put on our website in previous years, and you go, “Think I’ll read that… think I’ll pass on that… we posted that?… Meh; I’ll go watch YouTube videos about Marvel movies.” Hey, we’re not for everyone… even though Christ’s atonement totally is.

The links below come from all sorts of people, so they don’t always reflect those of SEA. Our members’ names are in blue. Posts are from the first week of September…

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Today: Links!

Sometimes you’re in the mood for lots of reading material, and we got you covered: Our links and books page. Lots of Arminian bloggers, and stuff of Arminian interest. If you’re bored easily, you can always find something new.