Friday Files, 3 August 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Nicodemus Day (more or less; the Orthodox figure that was yesterday) edition of the Friday Files, SEA’s weekly reminder that five years ago, we also had some really good stuff on the website.

The views expressed both in K.W. Leslie’s summaries and in the articles are not necessarily those of SEA. Even so, SEA members might find them interesting, informative, or at least entertaining. SEA members are highlighted in blue.

“Dispelling a delusion about the subjunctive mood (Why saying I would not worship God if… is not insulting to God).”
Roger E. Olson, 1 December 2013
If God is the author of sin, he’s not worthy of worship. So Olson has said many times, and critics accuse him of therefore disparaging God. Olsen’s not sure what’s so disparaging about rejecting a hypothetical moral-monster God. [Thing is, to the critics, the moral-monster God isn’t hypothetical!]
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“Strong argument against Calvinism, Romans 11.”
Steve Sewell, 12 July 2013
The only way Romans 11 makes sense is from the view of corporate election.
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“Was Arminius an Arminian? (Report on a vigorous discussion)”
Roger E. Olson, 25 November 2013
A discussion about two then-recent books on Arminius bring up some issues Olsen has about how Arminius is understood.
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“Healing ministry of Christ: A picture of the atonement.”
Steve Sewell, 29 April 2013
Did Christ Jesus ever turn anyone away when they sought healing from him? Nope. Does he therefore turn anyone away when they seek salvation from him?
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“Why I am an Arminian.”
Martin Glynn, 3 June – 8 July 2013
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“Part I: Testimony.”
On meeting Calvinists, and discovering they confuse Arminianism with semi-Pelagianism.

“Part II: Calvinists.”
Why there’s a resurgence of Calvinism, and what sort of troublesome methods it’s adopted.

“Part III: History.”
Contrary to Calvinist belief, Calvinism and determinism is not the church’s historic central understanding of salvation.

“Part IV: Theology.”
Calvinism’s emphases, and answers to vital theological questions, are unsatisfactory.

“Part V: Unconvinced by prooftexts.”
The scriptures Calvinists use to defend their worldview, and why they’re misused.

“Part VI: Convinced by scripture.”
Proper biblical support for the Arminian view.

“Calvinist Christmas songs (humor).”
Kevin Jackson, 23 December 2013
Because there are no Christmas wishes when God has sovereignly foreordained all.
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