Friday Files, 6 July 2018

, posted by K.W. Leslie

It’s the St. Moninne Day edition of the Friday Files, SEA’s way of dusting off our oldies-but-goodies. The views expressed aren’t necessarily SEA’s; neither are K.W. Leslie’s brief summaries. Still, there’s interesting and useful stuff in there. SEA members are highlighted in blue.

“How in the world does world mean the elect?”
Dan Chapa, 30 September 2013
Why do Arminians believe in unlimited atonement? Because Jesus came to save the world.
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“Eternally frustrated God.”
Dan Chapa, 1 October 2013
While Calvinists accuse Arminians and Traditionalists of believing in “an eternally frustrated God,” their own view of God’s two wills posits much the same thing.
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“Paul’s use of Deuteronomy 30 in Romans 10.”
Dan Chapa, 2 October 2013
Did God promise the Hebrews he’d grant them the promised land if they obeyed the Law? Actually no.
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“Who believes in total depravity?”
Jason Godfrey, posted 3 October 2013
Well, we Arminians do. As do Calvinists. Here are some quotes.
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“An Arminian ordo salutis (Order of Salvation).”
Roger E. Olson, 23 August 2013
The logical sequence in which God planned out our salvation—well, a reasonable guess.
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“Arminius on middle knowledge.”
Dan Chapa, 7 October 2013
Did Arminius understand what middle knowledge was, and did he believe God has it?
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“Are Arminian theology and middle knowledge compatible?”
Roger E. Olson, 4 September 2013
Short answer: No. The idea God acts on middle knowledge is simply soft determinism—and any determinism makes God the author of sin and evil, even if unintentionally.
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“He said it better than I did: A guest’s comment about Molinism.”
Roger E. Olson, 6 September 2013
Molinism’s inconsistency: God’s knowledge comes before any freewill choices.
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“Response to Dr. Olson on middle knowledge.”
Dan Chapa, 10 October 2013
Contrary to Olson, middle knowledge isn’t incompatible with Arminianism.
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“Middle knowledge and Arminianism are compatible: A response to Roger Olson.”
Adam Omelianchuk, 11 October 2013
Yeah, it isn’t incompatible with Arminianism.
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