Arminian Teaching Series (Audio and Video) – Bruxy Cavey

, posted by Kevin Jackson

Bruxy Cavey, a pastor at a church called “The Meeting House”, has recently done an excellent seven part series contrasting Calvinism and Arminianism. It is well worth listening to.

Cavey is Anabaptist, and he provides a unique perspective. He is a very rapid speaker, so you have to pay attention or you’ll miss something. He is a former Calvinist, and articulates Calvinism very well (without making caricatures of it). He spends a lot of time addressing questions that Calvinists ask non-Calvinists (like the sovereignty of God, whether or not faith is a “work”, etc).

He is irenic, and stresses the importance of Christian unity, and that neither Calvinism or Arminianism is the gospel. In the series he goes over all of the 5 points of TULIP. He addresses most of the the main scripture texts that both C’s and A’s appeal to. He also has a question and answer time in each session. And he even gets a marriage proposal. ūüôā

One minor issue to be aware of is that in the first session he seems to conflate Arminianism with semi-Pelagianism, however, this is corrected in the second session, and he accurately describes Arminianism from that point forward.

The full resource list for this series can be found here. The series on Arminianism vs. Calvinism is called ‚ÄúChosen and Choosing‚ÄĚ (October 11, 2011). It is available in either audio or video, and additional resources are available, such as notes and further audio reflections. Here are links to the individual teachings:

Session 1 Embracing Grace (introduction to the series)

Audio¬†–¬†Video¬†–¬†Notes¬†–¬†Quotes¬†–¬†Further reflection (audio)

Session 2 Dead Man Walking (total depravity)

Audio¬†–¬†Video¬†–¬†Notes¬†–¬†Quotes¬†–¬†Further reflections (audio)

Session 3 Freed for Faith (conditional vs unconditional election)

Audio¬†–¬†Video¬†–¬†Notes¬†–¬†Quotes¬†–¬†Further reflections (audio)

Session 4 Love Unlimited (extent of the atonement)

Audio¬†–¬†Video¬†–¬†Notes¬†–¬†Quotes¬†–¬†Further reflections (audio)

Session 5 An Offer You Can’t Refuse? (prevenient vs¬†irresistible¬†grace)


Session 6 Till Death Do Us Part? (perseverance)


Session 7 Wrapping Up -The Gift (series conclusion)



The Meeting House describes itself as “a church for people who are not into church”. It is Anabaptist in perspective, and is based near Toronto, Canada. They have weekly teaching available. So this may be a good resource for regular Arminian teaching/preaching.