Arminian and Baptist: An Interview with Matt Pinson by Jackson Watts

, posted by SEA

Please click on the link to access the interview. Here is Jackson Watts introduction to the interview:

Arminianism has enjoyed something of a renewal of interest in theological discussions in the last decade. This interest has been embodied in the publication of a host of diverse books. Roger Olson’s Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities (2006) was an influential title that got many asking questions about Arminianism. His work has been followed by other historical and theological titles, including Arminius Speaks (2010), God’s Twofold Love: The Theology of Jacobus Arminius (2010), Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace (2012), and a recently revised edition of Grace for All(first published in 1975).

Some of this is no doubt a response from those in evangelicalism who haven’t espoused the resurgence of Calvinist theology. Some stems from an interest in European religious history, which inevitably requires attention to early Arminian figures such as Thomas Helwys. Whatever the seminal cause, we at the Forum are thankful for these developments.

Free Will Baptists have also played a significant role in the recovery of Arminius and Arminian theology. The 2011 publication of Leroy Forlines’ Classical Arminianism (Randall House) represents an abiding voice in Arminian scholarship. Though we at the Forum have spent the last five years contributing to these developments also, we stand on the shoulders of men like Forlines, Robert Picirilli, and a younger generation of scholars influenced by the same. Among these is Matthew Pinson. Pinson has been the president of Welch College since 2002, and has edited or written many books, including a recent contribution to the importance connections between Arminianism and Baptist faith. He sat down with me in at the National Association Meeting in Grand Rapids to discuss his book, Arminian and Baptist: Explorations in a Theological Tradition (Randall House, 2015).