Would I Worship A Calvinist God?

, posted by Martin Glynn

This question was once posed to Dr. Roger Olson, and I’ve been thinking it over: if I became convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that God really did govern the way that Calvinists claim He governs, would I still worship Him? It is an interesting question.

First of all, I want to state that I agree with Olson that if God governs the way in which Calvinists claim He does, then He would be immoral by His own standards. I recognize that Calvinists don’t believe that God is immoral, but they are simply being inconsistent on this point IMO. So my understanding of the question is this: could I worship an immoral God?

The answer is yes and no. It is important to note that worship is not simply giving thanks and showing affection. It is also veneration to a recognized authority. Because God is God, and God is king, He deserves that veneration; that worship.

But I would not worship Him as I worship Him now. Simply put, I wouldn’t love Him. I couldn’t love someone who would intentionally bring His children to corruption, and then condemn the vast majority of them just to prove to Himself how just He is. That just doesn’t fly for me.

So, ignoring that in the Calvinist schema I don’t really have a choice, if I became convinced that Calvinism’s description of God was accurate, I would submit to His authority and show Him all of the proper respect which I would be responsible to show, but I would do no more. I would simply do my duty to the sovereign. Would I be grateful that I was one of the chosen few? Sure, but salvation at the cost of billions of other lives is a bitter kind of joy. How could I love a being so capricious?

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